Help us raise money for the Mukuru Art Center in South B, Nairobi

View their fundraiser exhibition catalogue HERE

The Mukuru Art club was started in 2010 by Adam Masava as a way of giving back to the community. They offer free art classes to the children of Mukuru Slums in Nairobi. 

They are raising money to build a new class room to carry on running their classes and giving back to the community.   To build the structure they need to raise 500,000 Kenya shillings.


They have already raised 230,000 Kenya shillings through a fund raiser exhibition held earlier in the year.

In the catalogue you can have a look of a collection of work by the artists of Mukuru Art Center.  5o% of all the sales go towards building this new classroom. 

If you see something you like then please email us directly! 

Mukuru Art Club catalogue 2019.png